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Results from Bygdøy høstfest

Shravan (left) and Shreyas (right)

Another nice weekend with many Asker badminton players playing has come to and end. We are impressed by the result of Shreyas and Shravan which played against each other in U13A men singles and together (and vinning) the U13A men double. Also Yatin made a very good result with his 3. place in U15A men single. A lot of other players from Asker also played and we happy to se so many Asker players having fun and learning a lot by playing in various tournaments. We encourage all Asker badminton player to participate in local tournaments as this is fun and a good way to improve badminton skills.

The results from Bygdøy høsttreff can be found here.
The tourmanet schedule for this autumn can be found here.

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Kaushik and Manju played their first tournament

In Mosstreffen in the beginning of October there were two Asker-players that played their first tournament ever. Kaushik and Manju did a great job and even though they were a little bit nervous at first, they had a nice experience in the badminton hall. Please read a little intervju with them below.

Manju and Kaushik in their first badminton tournament


How was it to play your first tournament?

K: It was very good because I made it to the finals in my first tournament.

M: It was so good and at the same time I was feeling a bit nervous. The tournament was a new experience for me.

What did you learn?

K: I learned to move the player around on court.

M: I learned losing is also a part of the game. I can learn more when I lose, so losing also benefit me.

What is your best memory from the tournament?

K: When I received my trophy.

M: Of course winning was a good memory, but at the same time losing was also a good memory.

What will you continue working on?

K: My confidence on court.

M: Moving the opponent around on court, increasing the power of my smash and accepting failure.