New players are welcome to come and try badminton in our club two times before registration and membership to the club is required. 

Fee per half year is 1200 kr for beginner and Junior and 1600 kr for seniors.

Asker BK uses “Min Idrett” ( as our membership registration system.
If you need any assistance please contact Frank Heggen, mobile 948 555 34.

For those WHO already is a “minidrett” user:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in
  3. Check that the required information is registered in your profile («Min profil»)
  4. Go to tab «Medlemskap» (membership)
  5. Select hyperlink «Finn ny klubb» (find new club)
  6. Seek «Asker Badmintonklubb»
  7. Select «Asker Badmintonklubb» from listed clubs
  8. Select box alongside Asker badmintonklubb (orange font)
  9. Select box “badminton”
  10. Select «Send søknad» (send application)


For those not yet is a “minidrett” user:

  1. Go to
  2. Select «Ny bruker» (new user – upper right corner)
  3. Follow instructions on screen
  4. After registration go to «Medlemskap» (membership) and follow step 4 to 10 in section above